Yellowstone National Park

Five feeder roads lead from the different entrances to the figure-8 Grand Loop Road.

For our latest family vacation, we decided to explore Yellowstone National Park primarily in Wyoming (with a small bit straddling Montana and Idaho). We picked Yellowstone as it appeared to be one of the most wheelchair-accessible locations in the national park system.

We flew into West Yellowstone, Montana (14 miles outside the West Entrance), and stayed for two nights before moving to Canyon Village located in the Park. Yellowstone’s main travel thoroughfares are the five entrance roads and the Grand Loop Road which is shaped like a figure eight (see map to the left).

We explored a different section of the Grand Loop Road each day which brings me to my top Yellowstone experience: the scenery.

Before we left on vacation, I was so-so about our plans as I was thinking “OK, how nice can a park be?” I had visions of a larger Central Park in NYC (where I live). I’m excited to say, I was wildly wrong – the scenery was stunning!

Check out my top 5 videos from Yellowstone National Park:


Midway Geyser Basin: run-off from Excelsior Pool flowing into the Firehole River:

Firehole River – I could post 100 different angles of this river – seriously, it’s awesome:

Now after these beautiful scenes, compare it to the angry Norris Geyser Basin area:

Yellowstone Lake was a particularly beautiful area although not exactly beach friendly! Check out the West Thumb Geyser Basin area which is adjacent to Yellowstone Lake:

More to come, but suffice it to say, Yellowstone National Park is particularly beautiful!