Welcome to the launch of On the Road Again: Traveling with Aging Parents!

Another travel blog? Really?

Yes, and here is why I was compelled to create this site after taking my 82-year-old mother to Australia in early 2013. Although we had traveled many times before (100,000+ miles since she turned 65 in 1995,) this was the first trip where my mom would be 100% confined to a wheelchair. As I prepared for our trip, I began investigating how to accomplish a long haul trip with someone who can only walk a short block with a cane.

What I found in my research amazed me: nothing. Yes, that’s right, absolutely nothing.  Although there are NUMEROUS articles, websites and books on traveling with children of all ages, I could not locate a single site dedicated to the “how-to’s” of traveling with an aging parent.

Articles in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times revealed travel with elderly parents was on the rise—indicating I wasn’t alone in my need for information. However, I couldn’t find a single forum where I could get advice or ask questions about what to expect to make travel easier for both my mom and me.

Hence, the necessity to launch this blog.

This will be a forum dedicated to the joys, the challenges, and the nuts and bolts of traveling with aging parents  From seeing the humor in the challenges to uncovering your parents’ fantasy vacations to how to get oxygen tanks on a plane, we’ll cover it all—and have a bit of fun in the process.

So I dedicate this to all those who love to travel, but have either never thought of traveling with a parent or shied away for health or other reasons. It’s not only possible to travel with an aging parent – it’s actually possible to enjoy traveling with your aging parent!

Welcome and please join in the conversation here and on Facebook and Twitter.