I’m excited to share with TWAP readers progress on the book: Planes, Canes, and Automobiles: Connecting with Your Aging Parents through Travel. As you may have read, I signed the deal with Greenleaf Book Group at the end of June and we’ve agreed on the outline (subject to change as the book progresses however).

Here’s the plan thus far:


Introduction: Traveling with Your Parents?
Chapter 1:    Understand That Things Have Changed
Chapter 2:    Picking a Destination That Works for Everyone
Chapter 3:    The Art and Science of Efficient Packing
Chapter 4:    Staying Healthy While on the Road
Chapter 5:    The Countdown to “Go!”
Chapter 6:   Checking Your Emotional Baggage While on the Road
Chapter 7:    Getting There and Back Safely and Efficiently
Chapter 8:   Actually Enjoying your Vacation
Chapter 9:   Being Prepared for Medical Emergencies
Chapter 10: Handling Conflict with Your Parents
Chapter 11: Preserving Travel Memories for You and Your Parents
Chapter 12: Traveling with Both Children and Elderly Parents
Chapter 13: Senior-to-Senior Advice for Traveling with Adult Children
Appendix 1: Sample Itineraries
Appendix 2: Resources

 Chapter 1 is in process and I’ll keep all up to date on the latest journey in the TWAP evolution!