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traveling later in life Get Fit NOW to Travel Later in Life! Traveling the world, seeing all the exotic and far-flung countries you’ve always dreamed of is one of the most common dreams for retirement. You’ve got more time on… Read More »
activities that engage older adults 5 Travel Activities that Engage Older Adults Everybody loves to travel. Young or old, there’s something that’s just so appealing about exploring the world beyond your home. A great way to see the world is… Read More »
Traveling With Aging Parents When You are Already their Caregiver You stop by your mother’s apartment weekly to fill her pill box because she gets confused so easily.  You take your Dad to every medical appointment because he… Read More »
staying healthy while on the road 8 Tips for Staying Healthy While on the Road with an Aging Parent After a guest blog on travel insurance, it felt appropriate to follow it with blog on staying healthy on the road while traveling with an aging parent….enjoy! Getting… Read More »
Travel insurance for an aging parent Finding Travel Insurance for an Aging Parent Hi folks! I received a Guest Post submission from Fast Cover (insurance company) that I thought gave great advice on a really important topic: finding travel insurance for… Read More »
Flying with an Electric Wheelchair I’m so excited for long-time friend of Travel with Aging Parents, MariF as she is traveling with her Mom to Costa Rica for the first time in August… Read More »
Letting Go of Emotional Baggage: both yours AND your parents!! I had a gentleman reach out via the Travel with Aging Parents Facebook page and ask me how to prepare for the emotional baggage that seems to accompany… Read More »
Activities the Whole Family can Do Together Planning activities the whole family can do together while on vacation is no easy task. Heck, even Mom and I don’t always agree about what we want to… Read More »
Your parents’ input matters even if you’re paying the bill I received the following question on the TWAP Facebook page from BrianR from Texas: My mom passed away in early 2015 and my father has been understandably distraught…. Read More »
Make 2016 the Year You Travel with your Parents! Make 2016 the year you travel with your parents! Because my dad was a corporate pilot and our whole family accompanied him on many trips (his bosses always… Read More »
Reader Question: Long-Term Travel with Medications One Travel with Aging Parents reader, Tim Penn, sent in a question asking about how to handle his parents’ medications during long-term travel (that is, a trip lasting… Read More »
Wheelchair-Friendly Cities: Europe One reader recently sent in this question: What are the best wheelchair-friendly cities in Europe? You’re in luck: many European cities are very wheelchair friendly! Although some of… Read More »
flying and I've lost my ID Reader Question: HELP! I’m flying and I lost my ID!! Here’s a great question from one Travel with Aging Parents reader, Mariana: Help! Does anyone know what is the best/quickest way to provide proper ID to the airlines… Read More »
buying a wheelchair Guest Post: Considerations when Buying a Wheelchair A few weeks back, I wrote a blog on buying vs. renting a wheelchair as I was considering purchasing a sturdy model for our upcoming trip to Yellowstone…. Read More »
traveling with an aging parent Why Traveling with an Aging Parent Matters Father’s Day 2005 came and went like all others. My brother and I did the obligatory (but heartfelt!) card:               Who knew… Read More »
traveling with an aging parent Why Traveling with an Aging Parent Matters Father’s Day 2005 came and went like all others. My brother and I did the obligatory (but heartfelt!) card:               Who knew… Read More »
travel journal Documenting the vacation for your parent: Journeys, Journals and Journaling The other day, I ran into some friends that had just returned from touring Ireland and Scotland. I asked “What did you see while you were there?” They… Read More »
Reader Question: Overcoming the Guilt of NOT Wanting to Travel with your Parent I had a TWAP follower whom I’ll call “Susie” send me the following question: My daughter is spending a semester of college in Dublin, Ireland. My 84-year old… Read More »
Buying vs Renting a Wheelchair Travel involving wheelchairs is a pretty common theme as I feel strongly that a parent’s inability to walk should not stop you from traveling together. Previous posts on… Read More »
Traveling with Incontinence Interestingly, I received two emails this week from TWAP followers asking the same question: Should I leave an aging parent at home if he or she suffers from… Read More »
Reader Question: Is an African safari safe for my 92-year-old Mom? We really are lucky. We live in an age where there is very little holding us back from realizing our dreams, attacking our bucket lists, and experiencing the… Read More »
Reader Question: Taking a Road Trip with Aging Parents TWAP friend SusanE contacted me for tips on how to tackle the 24-hour drive from Sacramento, CA to Oklahoma City, OK with her 78-year old mom on board…. Read More »
S-l-o-o-o-o-o-w Down when Traveling with your Parents Growing up, I remember Dad waiting patiently for me as I was learning to walk. He never walked far enough ahead so I felt like I was behind… Read More »
Summer Packing Checklist As mom has gotten older, it’s gotten more difficult for her to pack for her trip. Well, that’s not quite right – she definitely packs her stuff –… Read More »
dogs in suitcase Traveling with Pets and Aging Parents Although I grew up with pets (5 inside dogs and 3 outside, horses and two pet chickens), Mom and I don’t own any now. But lots of elderly… Read More »
Advice from Readers: What to do if your Aging Parent is the Opposite Gender and needs help using the restroom. I received a lot of comments from readers on my previous post “What to do if your aging parent is the opposite gender and needs help using the… Read More »
What to do if your Aging Parent is the Opposite Gender and needs help using the restroom. Obviously Mom and I have never had this challenge, but several people have asked what to do if your aging parent is the opposite gender and needs help… Read More »
A MUST WATCH: PBS Special Caring for Mom & Dad When it comes to “must watch” TV, I admit I usually head over to CBS (NCIS) or AMC (The Walking Dead). However, my interest was piqued when I… Read More »
traveling with a catheter READER QUESTION: Tips for Traveling with a Catheter Mari Guerra asks: Hi, can you please guide me as how to prepare to travel abroad with my 80 year old father who had an enlarged prostate (catheter)… Read More »
stop overpacking READER QUESTION: “How can I stop overpacking?” Debbie in Atlanta asked: I end up overpacking for every trip and that rubs off on Mom as I’m helping her get ready too. How can I stop… Read More »
Is it reasonable to expect grandparents to babysit while on vacation? The final chapter in my book Planes, Canes, and Automobiles: Connecting with Your Aging Parents Through Travel (publish date 10/6/15) compiles survey results from seniors who answered questions… Read More »
Discussing Money with your Parents when Traveling Together Many people are reluctant to have frank conversations about money. But it’s important to discuss trip costs with your parents—and any financial limitations they, or you, have that… Read More »
GUEST POST: “We Thought It Would Be a Cinch” from Kathryn Atkins “We thought it would be a cinch”…..famous last words for many of us for sure!  I love today’s guest post for so many reasons. Kathryn Atkins, founder of… Read More »
Vital Paperwork when Traveling with an Aging Parent The only thing worse than having your own medical emergency while on vacation is standing by while someone with whom you cannot communicate works on your parent who… Read More »
Vital Paperwork when Traveling with an Aging Parent The only thing worse than having your own medical emergency while on vacation is standing by while someone with whom you cannot communicate works on your parent who… Read More »
AARP – United Nations Briefing Series on Global Aging I had the pleasure of attending a series of briefings on global aging hosted by AARP International, in cooperation with the office of the UN Focal Point on… Read More »
Getting Diabetes Supplies through Airport Security Beyond airport considerations (which I’ll tackle next), the key to traveling with a diabetic parent is to keep a quick-acting source of glucose with you at all times… Read More »
Preparing for Flight Delays In honor of my 7-hour (and counting) delay returning home to NYC after a weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I decided to tackle the critical topic of preparing… Read More »
Vetting a Travel Agent or Tour Operator James from Houston sent me the following question: Your blog has inspired me to plan a trip (our first!) with my dad this summer. I want to hire… Read More »
Vetting a Travel Agent or Tour Operator James from Houston sent me the following question: Your blog has inspired me to plan a trip (our first!) with my dad this summer. I want to hire… Read More »
My Carry On Must Haves I have learnt that I am incapable of packing the right amount of clothing, probably because I start 10 minutes before I’m supposed to leave. —Marcus Brigstocke  … Read More »
Cash or Credit Cards when Traveling Overseas Tom from North Carolina is taking his father to Italy and he asked: Should I use cash or credit cards when traveling overseas? And what precautions do I… Read More »
Preparing for a Travel Delay – What to Bring with You Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination (or getting there by some other means), here’s the most important piece of advice I can give you for traveling… Read More »
Assessing your Parent’s Physical Capabilities from Afar Many of us don’t live in the same town where our parents are located so trying to assess your parent’s physical capabilities from afar can be a bit… Read More »
READER QUESTION: Traveling with a Parent on Dialysis Veronica Purcell asked the question: I’m traveling with my mom and she’s on dialysis and in a wheelchair. Where do I start planning? Although this may sound daunting… Read More »
Latest Travel Gadget for Women: the “Pee Pocket”   Where was the Pee Pocket during our 8 or 9 trips to China?  Alas, my knees just do not allow for sustained squatting (and certainly not with… Read More »
Traveling with a Parent who has Dementia – Part 2 In Part 1 of traveling with a parent who has dementia, I laid the ground work on what to expect while traveling and defining expectations from family members…. Read More »
Traveling with a Parent who has Dementia – Part 1 According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 million people are currently living with this debilitating disease and the number is estimated to triple by 2050. Thank goodness… Read More »
Mom answers “Do you get bored?”   I received several questions from our Travel with Aging Parents Facebook followers to ask Mom next time I was home.  In Thursday’s post, Mom answers MaryAnn Baca’s… Read More »
5 Tips on How to NOT LOSE IT while Traveling with your Parents Over the past 20 years, I’ve traveled in excess of 300,000 miles with mom and I won’t kid you, sometimes it can be challenging. After all, we both… Read More »
Cool Sights in Toronto I had a wonderful time last week at the Toronto International Film Festival – sixteen movies in four days! Definitely my idea of a great vacation (although not… Read More »
Travel tips from Samantha Brown Travel Tips from Samantha Brown at the AARP Ideas@50+ Conference I’ve always enjoyed watching Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel as she’s one of the few TV hosts that feels authentic and real. She comes across as someone… Read More »
GUEST POST: A “Re-Life Styling” Approach to Vitality and Well-being from Peggy Buchanan Anyone who follows my blog regularly will note that I typically focus on travel and how to do that with an aging parent. However, I came in contact… Read More »
Traveling with Medication that Requires Refrigeration In previous blogs, I’ve discussed how to help your parents pack their medications and medical devices (such as oxygen) and what to do if your prescriptions are lost… Read More »
Booking a Hotel if your Parent has Special Needs Before I finalize the decision on which city or country to visit with my octogenarian mom (and particularly before booking anything that’s nonrefundable), I always take a quick… Read More »
Add PIZZAZZ to a Top 10 list using Riddle! How FUN is this?!?!  A new app just launched called Riddle that automatically adds photos and gifs to any list! It’s pretty cool and only takes about 10 or 15… Read More »
READER QUESTION: Angkor Wat Accessibility with Bad Ankles I received the following email from Andy regarding Angkor Wat accessibility: We are aging parents, and planning to visit Angkor Wat. I am unable to walk very far… Read More »
Discounts on Lodging: Vacation Rentals This September I’ll be attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for the second year in a row, Even though I’ll have a numb bum after sitting through… Read More »
READER QUESTION: Overcoming a Parent’s Reluctance to Use a Wheelchair Sofia Lozano and her husband, Anand Ganesh, are taking his parents to San Diego over the Fourth of July weekend, and she asked for advice on two topics:… Read More »
Protecting Your Identity While Traveling (Part 2) Last week, I kicked off a discussion on protecting your identity while traveling by presenting 7 great tips from Erik Knight, founder of Today I’m back with… Read More »
Reader Question: Discounted Transit Programs for Seniors in the UK John Frahill recently submitted a question to the Travel with Aging Parents site regarding discounted transit programs for seniors in the UK: I am writing you in regards… Read More »
Protecting Your Identity while Traveling (Part 1) I read a sobering statistic from Erik Knight, a 20-year security veteran: 27 thousand Americans have their identities stolen each day. Upon further research, victims of identity theft… Read More »
Wheelchair-Friendly National Parks As I’ve been researching wheelchair-friendly destinations in the US, it’s been interesting to see which ones earn a spot on my list. As I discussed in previous posts,… Read More »
Planes, Canes, and Automobiles Reader Question: Overcoming a Parent’s Reluctance to Go on Vacation (Part 2) In my previous post on this topic, I offered suggestions to help Lee Ann persuade her reluctant mom to take a trip. For other readers who are in… Read More »
GUEST POST: Seven Easy Chair Exercises to do While Traveling In conjunction with the Cascade Fitness giveaway, ChairMaster’s fitness consultant Sally Rodich designed seven exercises to do while traveling to help us stay limber and up for all… Read More »
Mom’s Advice from the Indianapolis Children’s Museum: It’s OK to Be a Kid Again! The whole family converged on Indiana last weekend for Mother’s Day. One of the highlights of the weekend was riding the Carousel at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum although… Read More »
Reader Question: Overcoming a Parent’s Reluctance to Go on Vacation (Part 1) Today’s question comes from a reader named Lee Ann Hadley. On several occasions her mother has mentioned an interest in going to Hawaii together, but whenever Lee Ann… Read More »
Wheelchair-Friendly Cities: Las Vegas, Nevada If you’re planning a trip for the winter months and the thought of shivering in Chicago, Boston, or even Washington, DC, has you thinking about staying home instead,… Read More »
Wheelchair-Friendly Cities: Washington, DC Unlike the large metropolises of Chicago and Boston, Washington, DC, has the feel of a small town but all the amenities of a big city. It’s a great… Read More »
Mom’s Travel Tip (VIDEO): Adjusting to Time Zone Changes When it comes to long-haul trips, nothing is more challenging than adjusting to time zone changes. Putting it mildly, it’s brutal.  Mom has two recommendations: Cat nap when… Read More »
Wheelchair-Friendly Cities: Boston, MA Like Chicago (which I highlighted last week), Boston also has a great reputation among wheelchair-friendly cities. The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism website features an incredible amount… Read More »
Wheelchair-Friendly Cities: Chicago, IL Chicago  consistently appears on lists of America’s most wheelchair-friendly cities, and for good reason: the city has put a lot of care and planning into making itself accessible… Read More »
Don’t Let a Wheelchair Hold You Back! If you read my blog regularly, you know that Mom and I get around a lot! We’ve traveled all over the world! Some of our recent big trips… Read More »
Mom’s Travel Tip (VIDEO): “just go for it!” I’m excited to say that mom and I are trying something new for the blog – we’re shooting VIDEO with Mom’s travel tips!  Now, I wouldn’t say we’re… Read More »
After the Vacation: Getting Back in the Swing of Things As fun as travel is, getting back in the swing of things following vacation can be tough—especially when travel with aging parents is involved. I’ve felt the full… Read More »
Letting Go of Emotional Baggage when Traveling with your Parents When I tell people how much I’ve traveled with my mom (300,000+ miles so far—and counting!), I usually hear a shocked response along the lines of “How could… Read More »
Reader Question: Cell Phones for Seniors One of my readers, Richard, recently sent me this question regarding cell phones for seniors via the “Contact Me” form on my website: I want to get a… Read More »
Transportation Discounts for Seniors Because of the positive response my last post on travel discounts generated, I’ve done some more digging to find transportation discounts for seniors that can save you money… Read More »
Reader Question: Traveling with a Chronic Disease Fusun Dulger Charles posted this question on the Facebook page for Travel with Aging Parents: “How can people travel when they have a chronic disease and really don’t… Read More »
Top 10 Wacky Travel Gadgets Inspired by my Valentine’s Day post on the power-nap head pillow, I decided to hunt for more wacky travel gadgets (you know I love my gadgets!). And boy,… Read More »
Val’s Top 6 Safety Recommendations While Traveling I’ve read a lot of posts recently on how to protect yourself while traveling and decided to compile my Top 6 recommendations. There are of course a myriad… Read More »
Reader Question: How much Luggage should I Bring on a Trip? Carla de la Tour posted this question on the Facebook page for Travel with Aging Parents, “How much luggage do you take on a week-long trip, and what do you pack… Read More »
Vacationing with Smart Phones and Cell Phones: Staying in Touch without Going Broke, Part 2 I hope that after reading yesterday’s post in this series, you’re feeling more confident about using a smart phone or cell phone abroad without coming home to a… Read More »
Vacationing with Smart Phones and Cell Phones: Staying in Touch without Going Broke (Part 1) Although I would love to disconnect completely while on vacation, running my own consulting and training company means I can’t go totally offline. But I do try to… Read More »
Assisted Vacation INTERVIEW: Thomas Stern of Assisted Vacation (Part 2) As our family members age, mobility limitations and health issues can present new challenges to traveling. That’s not to say that travel with aging parents is impossible under… Read More »
Assisted Vacation INTERVIEW: Thomas Stern of Assisted Vacation (Part 1) INTERVIEW (Part 1): Thomas Stern of Assisted Vacation I’ve been traveling around the world with my mom for two decades. During that time we’ve visited Australia, England, China,… Read More »
Friday Funny – the Power Nap Head Pillow Just in time for Valentine’s Day!  I didn’t think it was possible to top the J Pillow as the coolest travel pillow around: However, the power nap head… Read More »
Top Senior Travel Discounts Whether you’re setting out on your own or embarking on travel with aging parents, it always pays to investigate any discounts that could cut costs during your trip…. Read More »
Reader Question: Medication Lost or Stolen while Traveling Birgitta posted the following question on the Facebook page for Travel with Aging Parents: What do I do in the unlikely event my parents’ medication (or even mine) is… Read More »
Travel Apps for Seniors Little late getting today’s post out! It’s Snowmageddon in NYC! Enjoy! Recommended Travel Apps for Seniors There are so many helpful apps available to help you stay in… Read More »
Getting through Security as Painlessly as Possible You’ve made all your reservations, packed your bags, and arrived at the airport well ahead of your scheduled departure time. One major hurdle remains: the dreaded security line…. Read More »
Top 11 Gifts to Help a Senior Traveler have a FABULOUS Trip! As the official travel agent and pack mule on all my trips with Mom (including our upcoming trip to China and Thailand), I have had plenty of opportunities… Read More »
China/Thailand Travel Prep I’m excited to announce that Mom and I are about to embark on another big trip together: on January 23 we travel to Asia for just over two… Read More »
Reader Question: Electric Wheelchair Rentals Birgitta posted the following question on my Travel with Aging Parents Facebook page: Is it possible to rent electric wheelchairs or carts in Sweden? I have a friend… Read More »
Stay Active, Seniors! Earlier this week, I shared my conversations with Jeanne Kelly and Jeffrey Dokken about their experiences conducting for Encore Creativity for Older Adults. This inspiring chorus program welcomes… Read More »
Singing Seniors: More on Encore In yesterday’s post, I discussed Jeanne Kelly’s motivation for starting Encore Creativity for Older Adults. Here’s a snippet from one of Encore’s recent rehearsals—a sneak peek of what… Read More »
Staying Active Through Song A month after I launched this blog, I came across an article (in the “New Old Age” blog on the New York Times website) about community chorus groups… Read More »
Reader Question: Tips for Travel Beginners Last week, I answered a question posted to the Travel with Aging Parents Facebook page by Marsha, who wanted suggestions for planning a trip with her mother, who… Read More »
Cool travel gadget? The J-pillow   After a long haul, who hasn’t passed out for a few hours in some ridiculous neck-compromising position?  Or worse yet, who hasn’t suffered from a head-bobbing neck… Read More »
Adjusting your Activities (and Expectations) when Planning a Trip with Mom or Dad I’ve received several questions on the Travel with Aging Parents Facebook page which I’ll be addressing over the next couple of blogs. One question came from MarshaB –… Read More »
INTERVIEW (Part 2): Will Perry, Senior Hotel Executive Any trip requires preparation, and when one of the travelers is an aging parent who might have mobility issues or other needs, some extra preparations may be required…. Read More »
INTERVIEW (Part 1): Will Perry, Senior Hotel Executive Mom’s mobility has decreased in recent years (during our last couple of trips together, she had to rely on a wheelchair for any long-distance travel), so when planning… Read More »
Packing Prep (Part 2): Other Essentials My previous post discussed the planning required for bringing any medications or medical devices your parent might need during your trip. Once the medical-related items are squared away,… Read More »
Packing Prep (Part 1): Medical Supplies I noticed when mom turned 76 or 77, she started having challenges packing her suitcase for our trips together. Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way in… Read More »
Martha Stewart’s Travel Advice Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Indiana Governor’s Conference for Women (although I’ve lived in NYC for 16+ years,  I was born and raised in… Read More »
Cool Travel Gadgets: “Little black dress” safe As mom has aged, I’ve noticed she’s become more paranoid about leaving her “valuables” unlocked in a hotel room.  Now, I’m definitely one for locking up our passports, but mom… Read More »
INTERVIEW (Part 2): Dr. Zeiger, Travel Medicine Specialist Welcome to the second part of my interview with Dr. Douglas Zeiger, a travel medicine specialist! (See part 1 of our interview here.) I’ve found his medical advice invaluable… Read More »
INTERVIEW (Part 1): Dr. Zeiger, Travel Medicine Specialist I recently received this question from a reader: “What is a travel medicine specialist, and why should I see one?” A visit to a travel medicine specialist (also… Read More »
GUEST POST – Travel with an elderly parent is possible, and also quite fun! Pam LeBlanc does more exercise before breakfast than I do in a week! She is truly a fitness inspiration and her story of how to plan a trip… Read More »
Travel Medical Insurance: Yea or Nay? A reader asks, “Is it a good idea to purchase travel medical insurance for international travel?” First, don’t assume that your usual health insurance will provide adequate coverage… Read More »
China Trip Notes (Oct ’13): 5 Things to do in Shanghai Ask anyone who has either traveled to New York City or is planning to travel there and I’m guessing they can rattle off 10 “must-see” sites instantaneously.  For… Read More »
How to Keep Moving Even When You’re Strapped into an Airplane Seat Long plane rides can be fun. The movies, the snacks, the interesting seatmates . . . you never know what might happen! But flights can also have downsides—particularly when… Read More »
GUEST POST – Traveling with Dad and his Dementia For anyone whose parent is suffering from dementia, Jeannette’s stories of traveling with her dad are quite inspirational!  It made me feel “lucky” as I’ve only had to face… Read More »
Mom’s preparations for Russia….. I was catching mom up on the Russia trip plans when she ran downstairs (ok, she didn’t run, but she is quite fast with that cane) and came… Read More »
Traveling with Oxygen on an Airplane Richard Hine, a blog reader living in NYC, asks this question: “Can my mother, who requires oxygen full-time, travel on an airplane?” I’m delighted to report that yes,… Read More »
The Countdown: 14 Critical Trip Preparation Tasks for Traveling with an Aging Parent 4–6 weeks before the trip 1. Take your parent for a medical checkup and review the trip and any special considerations with his or her doctor. (Note that… Read More »
GUEST POST: Traveling with Grandma Christine Wilson is a wife, mom of two young boys, and the Founder & CEO of MtoM Consulting, LLC. She and I have enjoyed working together to launch… Read More »
Top 11 Considerations when Selecting a Vacation Destination with Aging Parents In travel, as in real estate, it’s all about the location. Involving your parent in selecting a location sets the perfect tone for your upcoming adventure: together you’ll… Read More »
Why I Decided to Launch This Blog Welcome to the launch of On the Road Again: Traveling with Aging Parents! Another travel blog? Really? Yes, and here is why I was compelled to create this… Read More »