Travel with Aging Parents hitting the one year mark this month! I was a bit nostalgic and rolled through all 131 blogs from the past year and identified my Top 9 posts. In no particular order:

travel with aging parents

A baby elephant took a liking to Mom in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Definitely a highlight of the trip!

Travel with Aging Parents

Peeps waiting for the subway (Hey! Behind the yellow line!).


  • A Journey to Normandy – Deb Wood’s trip with her father and uncle to Normandy in remembrance of her uncle Frank, a paratrooper who participated in the D-Day landing (and died three weeks later) is incredible moving. Deb is an inspiration to me (and a reminder of why this blog is important).
  • Reviews of Ultraviolet (part 1 and part 2) – My favorite restaurant experience EVER. I still dream about that evening!
Ultaviolet by Chef Paul Pairet in Shanghai, China

The immersive restaurant experience at Ultraviolet is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!

Making noodle soup Paul Pairet' style at Ultraviolet in Shanghia, China.

Making noodle soup Paul Pairet’ style!










Here’s to our next year together!