pee pocket

A typical Chinese-style toilet (aka “squatty potty”).


Where was the Pee Pocket during our 8 or 9 trips to China?

 Alas, my knees just do not allow for sustained squatting (and certainly not with any sort of precision aim required for a squatty potty):

pee pocket

Be sure and face the wall when using a squatty potty (although why I’m not so sure!).








The Pee Pocket™ would have helped when faced with the squatty potty in China!!  It’s a single use, waterproof disposable funnel allowing women to whiz while standing!

Their motto: for the woman who has to go while on the go!


Lest you think this is only for when you find yourself in remote parts of China (or backpacking in the woods), check-out this video which illustrates the value of the Pee Pocket when you’re out clubbing:



I seriously think this is the funniest (yet most useful) travel gadget I’ve seen in years!  Get yours at today!!!

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