Travel with Aging Parents Hits the One Year Mark!!

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Travel with Aging Parents hitting the one year mark this month! I was a bit nostalgic and rolled through all 131 blogs from the past year and identified… Read More »

Chef Paul Pairet’s (Crazy!) Take on Noodles

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China’s love affair with noodles started over 2000 years ago, during the Han dynasty (206 BCE to 220 CE). Today they’re a daily staple throughout much of China…. Read More »

Reader Question: Chinese Food in China vs. the USA

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Tonya posted this question on the Facebook page for Travel with Aging Parents: What’s the difference between Chinese food in China and the Chinese food you get here… Read More »

Who’s cooler: Lawrence of Arabia or Val Grubb riding a camel?!?!?

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In honor of the Academy Awards ceremony this evening, I thought it appropriate to reference an Oscar winner in today’s post!  Peter O’Toole won Best Actor as Lawrence… Read More »

China Trip Notes (Oct ’13): 5 Things to do in Shanghai

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Ask anyone who has either traveled to New York City or is planning to travel there and I’m guessing they can rattle off 10 “must-see” sites instantaneously.  For… Read More »