activities that engage older adults

5 Travel Activities that Engage Older Adults

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Everybody loves to travel. Young or old, there’s something that’s just so appealing about exploring the world beyond your home. A great way to see the world is… Read More »

flying with an aging dog and an aging parent

Flying with an Aging Dog and an Aging Parent

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Flying with an aging dog or an aging parent can prove challenging individually. But what about flying with an aging dog and an aging parent? This is the question that… Read More »

See the ocean one last time

My Dad wanted to see the ocean one last time….

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Oh my goodness folks, what a Guest Post we have today. I’m in Las Vegas for work and thank goodness I read this while still in my hotel… Read More »

GUEST POST: “We Thought It Would Be a Cinch” from Kathryn Atkins

In Guest Posts, Health/Medical/Safety Concerns, Need to Know On March 1, 2015 1 Comment

“We thought it would be a cinch”…..famous last words for many of us for sure!  I love today’s guest post for so many reasons. Kathryn Atkins, founder of… Read More »

GUEST POST – Travel with an elderly parent is possible, and also quite fun!

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Pam LeBlanc does more exercise before breakfast than I do in a week!  She is truly a fitness inspiration and her story of how to plan a trip with her… Read More »

GUEST POST – Traveling with Dad and his Dementia

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For anyone whose parent is suffering from dementia, Jeannette’s stories of traveling with her dad are quite inspirational!  It made me feel “lucky” as I’ve only had to face… Read More »

GUEST POST: Mom’s Solo Adventure in Paris

In Guest Posts On September 12, 2013 1 Comment

Although trip planning should take into account the energy levels and interests of all participants, don’t underestimate your elderly parents’ drive and willingness to challenge themselves physically, socially, and… Read More »

GUEST POST: Traveling with Grandma

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Christine Wilson is a wife, mom of two young boys, and the Founder & CEO of MtoM Consulting, LLC. She and I have enjoyed working together to launch… Read More »

GUEST POST: New Orleans, where joie de vivre becomes reality!

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An essential part of my new blog will be guest posts from travelers like Tiffany Lebel (see her post below) who have taken a trip with their parent(s)…. Read More »