I had a lovely week in Indiana visiting with Mom last week. One highlight – we went raspberry picking so we could make a pie! When I was younger, the whole family used to head to Anderson Orchard where we would pick apples, peaches and raspberries (although I don’t remember Mom making any pies back then!).

We picked over 3 lbs of berries which was pretty impressive as it was sooooo hot (95 degrees and 100% humidity).  I’ve actually never seen so many berry plants – Anderson has certainly grown over the years!


Here mom gives advice on how to know which raspberries you should pick:


Thank goodness we didn’t get weighed before and after! We would have owed DOUBLE what we paid!  🙂


Here mom demonstrates how a cane can help with raspberry picking:


After about 45 minutes of picking raspberries, we were DONE!!


The (literal) fruits of our labor:

raspberry picking

3 lbs of raspberries in under an hour (although it felt like 4 hours based on how hot and humid it was!)

Fresh raspberry pie! Yummy!










Fresh raspberry pie! Yummy!