Recommended Movies from the Toronto Film Festival

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love movies. A LOT. Although a previous post “Like Mother, Like Daughter” highlighted a few similarities, my weekly sojourn to the… Read More »

LIKE My Video on Jauntaroo

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I have submitted my video on as a Chief World Explorer candidate and I need you to watch it, enjoy it, and LIKE it! You can LIKE it… Read More »

GUEST POST: Mom’s Solo Adventure in Paris

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Although trip planning should take into account the energy levels and interests of all participants, don’t underestimate your elderly parents’ drive and willingness to challenge themselves physically, socially, and… Read More »

val grubbs and her octogenarian mom

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

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Rolling through pictures of my travels with mom and I’m starting to notice a pattern…..see if you agree….

The Countdown: 14 Critical Trip Preparation Tasks for Traveling with an Aging Parent

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4–6 weeks before the trip 1. Take your parent for a medical checkup and review the trip and any special considerations with his or her doctor. (Note that… Read More »

GUEST POST: Traveling with Grandma

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Christine Wilson is a wife, mom of two young boys, and the Founder & CEO of MtoM Consulting, LLC. She and I have enjoyed working together to launch… Read More »

Getting older is like being on a roller coaster….

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Not sure this is reserved for when you get “older”!  tee-hee

Top 11 Considerations when Selecting a Vacation Destination with Aging Parents

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In travel, as in real estate, it’s all about the location. Involving your parent in selecting a location sets the perfect tone for your upcoming adventure: together you’ll… Read More »

GUEST POST: New Orleans, where joie de vivre becomes reality!

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An essential part of my new blog will be guest posts from travelers like Tiffany Lebel (see her post below) who have taken a trip with their parent(s)…. Read More »

Val Grubb Launches Website Dedicated to Traveling with Aging Parents

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NEW YORK, NY, August 26, 2013 – Val Grubb is pleased to announce the launch of “On the Road Again: Traveling with Your Aging Parents,” a website dedicated to… Read More »