My brother, his wife and my twin nieces live in Shanghai, China and I decided to visit them the first week of October during Chinese Independence  Day (the People’s Republic of China was founded on 10/1/49).  This holiday is similar to our July 4th festivities; however, whereas in the US we get one day off, China shuts down for the week!

Unfortunately, mom’s dance card was already booked and thus, she was not able to join me for this trip.  Interestingly, in the 7 times I’ve flown to China to visit my brother since moving here in early 2006, this is only the 2nd trip I’ve gone by myself!

Mom during our China trip in 2012.

Mom during our China trip in 2012.

I was curious how the 36-hour ordeal would be without mom.  Even with airport hassles and delays,  she and I love to fly.  We laugh and giggle the whole way while observing bad behavior from our fellow travelers.   We also pretty much eat and drink the entire time as my brother and I agreed long ago that we would fly mom business class for long haul flights.  A heavy dose of cocktails makes observing fellow travelers even funnier!

Having arrived in China on Sunday, I must admit,  it was nice to not worry about mom’s health while in the air.  She once got severe leg pains during one long haul which completely freaked me out (we elevated her feet and the pain went away thankfully).  Although transferring gates was much quicker by myself, I worked in between flights as it wasn’t that fun to people watch solo.  I also found it a little lonely!  Where was my partner in crime?!?! 

Alas, to summarize the 36-hour “momless” trek from LA to Shanghai:  msc thesis structural engineering english literature dissertations source url get link yahoo viagra mail essay institute how to write a research paper university free custom essays see url acheter viagra toute securitГ© viagra aid source site cialis for on-line malaysian buyers persuasive writing middle school prompts see cheap essay writing services informational essay topics thesis literature review sample source writing a case study analysis paper less hassle, but far less fun!