The whole family converged on Indiana last weekend for Mother’s Day. One of the highlights of the weekend was riding the Carousel at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum although I think mom is actually having more fun than her twin grand-daughters:


The carousel operated from 1917 until 1956 when a roof collapse brought the fun to an end. After rotting away in storage for almost 14 years, the animals (42 in total including horses, goats, giraffes, a deer, a lion, and a tiger) were donated to the Children’s Museum. It took 11 years to restore the animals and the mechanism itself to working order. To the delight of children (both young and old), the Carousel returned to glory in 1977 on the 4th floor of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum (voted the #1 children’s museum by USA Today in February 2014).

It was the perfect backdrop for Mom’s latest travel advice: “it’s OK to be a kid again!”


If you make it to Indianapolis, I highly recommend a visit to the Children’s Museum (either with or without kids!).