In previous posts, I shared “Mom and Val’s Excellent Adventure” while filming in NYC for Momentum Magazine, a publication from my alma mater, Indiana University.


Momentum Magazine photo shoot in NYC.

Heading to the helicopter – a 1st for me and I’ve been living in NYC for 17 years! Photo courtesy of Kelley School of Business at Indiana University/Josh Anderson.

A helicopter ride, cruising through Times Square, several Broadway shows – these are just a few of the things we did while Mom was visiting NYC for the shoot.

For more details, check out blogs on Day 1, Day 2 and the final day of filming at Mom’s house in Mooresville, IN.

Speaking from experience, it is quite do-able to travel with an aging parent, even one who has difficulty walking and requires a wheelchair!



I’m excited to share the just-released Issue 2 of Momentum Magazine! Click on the Table of Contents (in the upper right hand corner) and you’ll see the TWAP feature entitled A Blog, A Book, A Brand: How a Futile Google Search Led to a Business Opportunity.

Mom and I are thrilled to be a part of this issue and look forward to your comments! Thank you to Rebecca Salerno and Darren Klein for this opportunity. A big shout out to Caz Tanner, Josh Anderson and Kevin for their efforts putting this piece together. It was fun to be Queen for a Day! (OK, I’m thinking Mom was the Queen and I was more the Court Jester, but it was still fun!)

Momentum Magazine

Our primary mode of transportation in NYC – cabs. It’s expensive but the subway is pretty much out with Mom in a wheelchair. Photo courtesy of Josh Anderson.