I had the distinct pleasure to be a guest on the Kathleen Dunn show on Wisconsin Public Radio, the oldest and second largest public radio network in the country.

We discussed the rise of multigenerational travel and where to start when planning a trip with an aging parent (hint – focus on understanding your parent’s medical situation first as that can dictate where you go and the activities you seek out in the destination) and several other topics. Even better though, we took calls from listeners live to answer questions and allow them to share their stories about traveling with their parents (or other family members).

It was pretty magical for me not only because it was my 1st official interview on the book (she had an advance reader copy) – it was also great to interact with people who were excited about the topic and shared in my enthusiasm for making special memories with their parents. As I said yesterday in the interview, So get out there and travel with your parents before it’s too late!

Thanks again to Kathleen Dunn and producer KP Whaley for having me on the show!

To hear the interview in full, click the play arrow below.


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