I had the pleasure of participating on a panel for HuffPost Live discussing seniors and adventure travel. The tagline:

Many assume retirement means slowing down and taking time to relax, but for some it means exploring the world. We discuss why senior citizens like to travel and how it helps their adventurous souls thrive.

Fellow participants included:


seniors and adventure travel


  • seniors and adventure travelIntentionally Homeless Nomads; Senior Adventurists: Alison Armstrong & Don Read (Vancouver, Canada)




We covered a variety of topics from how to take that first adventure to preparing for the unexpected to being OK with craziness (amongst many other topics)! I of course spoke on how to prepare for and travel with your parents.

It was a lovely conversation and if you’re considering taking a trip for the very first time, I think you’ll find the individuals on this panel quite inspirational! The message was definitely:


GO FOR IT with a side of “do your homework!”


Watch the entire interview (which originally aired on July 23, 2015) here.

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