In conjunction with the Cascade Fitness giveaway, ChairMaster’s fitness consultant Sally Rodich designed seven exercises to do while traveling to help us stay limber and up for all the extra walking when we’re on the road. Sally promises they can “add years” to your life!

Sally RodichSally Rodich is a E-RYT Yoga Instructor with over 1000 hours of teaching experience and a passion for creating and teaching yoga and fitness classes for seniors. She currently spends at least 3 hours a week teaching seniors yoga – creating specialized classes which accommodate arthritis, hearing and vision loss, and increase mobility, flexibility, and balance.

Many of Sally’s yoga postures and exercises with seniors incorporate a chair. This experience was instrumental in helping her design some of the exercises and specialized ChairMaster workouts that address health concerns like arthritis, diabetes, and balance and fall prevention.

Sally Rodich pic with mom (Chairmaster)

l-to-r: Kristin Towberman (Sally’s mom), Sally and Kaitlyn Mitchell (Kristin’s granddaughter and Sally’s niece) in front of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Sally recently traveled with her mom to Paris to celebrate her 70th birthday and she’s a fan of Travel with Aging Parents site!


Here’s to many more years of travel with a little exercise to help us.

1) Seated hip stretch:

a) Sitting on the front edge of a chair.
b) Feet are hip width apart.
c) Place the right foot on top of the left thigh.
d) Sit up straight, place right hand on right knee.
e) Carefully fold forward and lengthen through the front of the chest.
* For extra resistance reach fingertips towards the floor.
f) Place hands back on the right leg and slowly come up.

2) Foot Stretch with ankle rotations:

a) Sitting on the front edge of a chair.
b) Place the right foot on top of the left thigh.
c) Remove shoes and socks of the right foot.
d) Gently separate the toes.
f) Massage the bottoms and tops of feet.
g) Gently ring out the foot by twisting it left and right.
h) Point and flex the foot.

3) Leg extensions:

a) Sitting on the front edge of a chair.
b) Hold the sides of the chair for support.
c) Extend the right leg long with the heel on the floor and toes pointed
towards the ceiling.
d) Lengthen the spine.
f) Fold forward at the waist.
g) Bring both hands to bent leg.
h) Hold for 20 seconds.
i) Repeat on the other leg.

4) Gentle side bends in chair:

a) Sitting in the chair.
b) Feet on the floor.
c) Place the right hand on the right arm of the chair.
d) Reach the left fingertips towards the ceiling.
e) Reach the left fingertips to the right.

5) Seated twists:

a) Sitting in a chair.
b) Feet on the floor.
c) Place both hands on the right arm of the chair.
d) Inhale and lengthen through spine.
e) Exhale press with the right hand and pull with the left.
f) Switch sides.

If you’re feeling particularly energetic, try these two standing exercises while you hold on to the back of your chair:

1) Standing work for lower back:

a) Stand facing the back of a chair holding the handles.
b) Feet are hip width apart toes are facing forward.
c) Shift the weight over to the left foot.
d) Lift the right leg behind you.
e) Press the hands into the chair.
f) Look towards the ceiling to arch the spine
g) Switch sides.

2) Lateral leg lifts with a chair:

a) Stand behind the chair facing the back.
b) Place hands on the back of the chair for support.
c) Feet are hip width apart with toes facing forward.
d) Shift the weight over to the right foot; lift the straight left leg out
to the side. (point and flex the left foot)
e) Repeat 10x and switch sides for 10x.

Sally’s recommendations are a great companion with a blog I posted earlier on How to Keep Moving Even When You’re Strapped into an Airplane Seat. With all this exercise, we’re gonna be in better shape after vacation than before we left!


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