What a wonderful story from Peter Minkoff on his vacation with his parents to Thailand. He is a free-spirited traveler and an occasional writer from Brisbane, Australia. He loves exploring new destination with his parents. His recent journey finished in Koh Samui Thailand with his parents and I feel lucky that he’s shared this magical story with us. Stay tuned ‘till the next voyage! Follow Peter’s adventures on Twitter.


Living a hectic life is tiring which is why I decided to take some time off, and organize a long-awaited holiday. I decided to spend quality time with my parents who are both retired and happily living their ‘third age.’ The big question – where would be good to go and spend 2 weeks? The place needed to be bathed in sun, warmth, with good sandy beaches for a dip/swim, and not too crowded but pleasant for elderly people to stroll along and have a cool drink while enjoying the afternoon breeze.


Samujana Resort Thailand

Our first impression of Koh Samui and the Samujana resort.

We ended up going to Ko Samui, a resort off the east coast of Thailand. It is a true paradise, just 25 km wide, with a single coastal road around 50 km in length, connecting all the major sites/places on the Island. There is an international airport accessed via a direct flight from Bangkok. I was happy to learn that there are lots of activities that I might be interested in if my parents opted to rest on afternoon.


Samujana Resort Thailand

Dad hanging by the Villa’s infinity pool.

We stayed in a luxury villa – Samujana Villas Thailand, built on the slope of a hill, overlooking a scenic coral cove with a private beach. The complex won an award for architectural design, and I will vouch for the superbly adequate features of this place in every way! Plenty of space, great kitchen (my mother loves to cook), a wonderful infinity pool where my Dad drank his aperitifs each night before dinner. Samujana is close to the airport in the North Eastern part of the Island.


Samujama Resort Thailand

The gang sailing!

Lately my mother has developed a particular attachment to yoga and Ko Samui had quite a few retreats where people of all ages can continue to practice their daily yoga. My father on the other hand loves sailing and motor boats so we found a marina where we could hire sailing boats and he was as happy as he could be. I was popular with my parents I can tell you that!


Another critical item on our agenda was to have some great food, and Thailand really exceeded our expectations. We dined royally on seafood BBQs, buffets in several restaurants in Samujana, and several restaurants delivered food to our villa so we could eat in our dining room with an amazing view of the cove.

Samujana Resort Thailand

The “dining room” in our Villa.


Samujana Resort Thailand

Our favorite seafood BBQ.

As I mentioned previously, my mother loves to cook so the Villa Manager was kind enough to organize and deliver ingredients from the local market to our villa (for a mere 10% on top of the cost price of groceries). I would call that ‘dirt cheap’!



Samujana Resort Thailand

Sunset over one of the many beaches in Koh Samui.

What better way to finish this short report than to mention Ko Samui’s amazing beaches. There are hundreds (it felt like thousands!) all around the island. They were as far as the eye could see! Many are really peaceful, resembling a sanctuary where a person can spend the whole day relaxing while it seems just a few minutes have passed. There are also a lot of eco resorts where particular care is taken to preserve the natural habitat (including waste water recycling) and at the end of the day, everything looks clean and ‘anew’ and clean. If a guest encounters a ‘rat problem,’ the guards will ‘manage’ a little ‘army’ of cats to sort out the problem! It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.


Samujana is becoming more and more popular with holidaymakers in Thailand and overseas. While others were enjoying and relaxing, I had a thought – it wouldn’t take me long to imagine this place as my permanent residence! Far away from the hustle and bustle of urban sprawls, rush hours and crowded shopping malls…. That was a thought I pondered upon flying back home…


I’m with ya Peter – my bags are packed – I’m ready to meet you over there! Mom too! 🙂