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games to play on a rainy day

Jolly Roger Motel in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore.

games to play on a rainy day

The Jolly Roger is directly across from the beach!

Judy Lobrutto’s parents bought the motel back in the 70s and she worked there every summer until graduation. After several years away, Judy returned to run it with her mother (although she now runs it by herself due to her mother’s declining health). The hotel was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy but it’s now back up and open for business. It’s a wonderful little beach motel and if you find yourself on vacation in the area, I highly recommend staying here.



Anyway, back to that rain……

The only thing I would have changed about the weekend is the weather. We only had half a day of sun – it was cloudy or rained the rest of the weekend. L So how did we wile way the weekend inside? By playing games, games and more games! And boy did we have a blast!

My new favorite game on the planet is Cards Against Humanity, a “party game for horrible people” as the box proudly proclaims. Having now played the game, I can’t really argue that point and most of the answers are unfit to print in a PG-13 kinda blog! The game is pretty simple (which helps when there are cocktails involved) – each round, one player picks a question from the stack of black cards and everyone else answers from the five white cards in your hand. We had to take a break at one point after I shot red wine from my nose after the answers were revealed. I’ve included a PG version of the question and answers here – just know they get w-w-a-a-y-y raunchy from here. If you’ve got a group of crazy friends, this may be the game for you!

games to play on a rainy day

The question: Why I am so wet? accompanied by the 4 answers from the rest of us.

If Cards Against Humanity is not your cup of tea (I’m quite positive Mom would NOT dig this game!), Apples to Apples may be for you. It’s similar in that one player pulls a card although instead of a question (like above), it’s a Description (like “hairy” or “swarmy”). The other players then secretly select one card from their hand which are all Things. The person who picked the Description then selects the Thing that best matches their descriptor. Sounds pretty darn fun as well and when I quizzed on Facebook for favorite games, follower Karen Presley Cosse highly recommended this rascal.

Another thoroughly enjoyable game was Telestrations – a visual version of the “telephone game” where person #1 selects a secret word, writes it in their erasable booklet, then hands the booklet to the person on the left. That person draws your secret word then hands the booklet to the left again. This person then guesses the secret word based on what is drawn. You keep alternating guesses and drawings until the booklet returns to its original owner who then shares the original secret word and how it’s morphed through the drawings. One example from our weekend:

games to play on a rainy day

My secret word was “blind date.”


games to play on a rainy day

Beautiful depiction I thought from KimH who was on my left!


Alas, picture was no good as the guess was "Valentine's Day Massacre" (really?!?!).

Alas, picture was no good as the guess was “Valentine’s Day Massacre” (really?!?!).








The booklet was then handed to the left for KimH to draw the Valentine's Day Massacre.

The booklet was then handed to the left for KimH to draw the Valentine’s Day Massacre.


Which Seana promptly guessed as a "proposal." From "blind date" to "proposal" in just a few drawings!

Which Seana promptly guessed as a “proposal.” From “blind date” to “proposal” in just a few drawings!










My Book Club and I also played a game called “Schwartz Beaterman Profigliano” which then became a running joke the entire weekend. I’m not sure I can accurately describe how to play, but if you’re standing around in a circle, “Schwarz” is the person across from me, “Beaterman” is to my immediate left and “Profigliano” is to my immediate right. So is I’m standing in between KimC (on my left) and Brooke (on my right), KimC is my “Beaterman” while Brooke is my “Profigliano.” Sounds easy although I’m KimC’s “Profigliano” and Brooke’s “Beaterman” so if either names are called (from KimC or Brooke), the turn has been passed to me and I then need to yell out “Schwarz, Beaterman or Profigliano.” If I don’t respond fast enough (because I don’t realize it’s my turn) of if I call out incorrectly (because I thought it had been passed to me and it wasn’t), I have to take a drink. Oh, and don’t forget I have a “Schwarz” who may hand it to me from across the circle. Yea, you can imagine how this game went…. That said, it was seriously a blast and we would break out into random “Schwarz Beaterman Profigliano” matches at any moment.

When I posed the question of “favorite games to play on a rainy day” on the TWAP Facebook page, I had quite a few responses. Just a few for you to consider include:

  • Makin’ Groceries – a card game from New Orleans that plays like Go Fish (thanks NOLA native Karen Presley Cosse)
  • Dirty Minds – the game of naughty clues (I wanna hang out with you Jennifer Graham Beach)
  • Canasta – a game similar to rummy and Mexican Train Dominoes (sounds interesting Barbara Sellars Saylor)
  • Would You Rather – a game of impossible questions such as WOULD YOU RATHER wear a T-shirt on a first date that says, “I’m With Stupid” -OR- a T-shirt that asks “Who Cut the Cheese?”(thanks Cathy Lilly Dermond)

All GREAT suggestions and one or two that may end up in future Game Nights (something my Book Club recently started after we realized how much we love games!).

Any other recommendations for games to play on a rainy day? My Book Club and I thank you!

5 of the 8 Book Club members at a beach getaway: KimH, Val, Seana, Brooke and KimH.

5 of the 8 Book Club members at a beach getaway: KimH, Val, Seana, Brooke and KimC.