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When planning any trip, I always consider affordability and whether the location has lots of great attractions. But because Mom has difficulty getting around and often  uses a wheelchair, we also have to keep in mind a few other key features when researching possible vacation destinations: ample barrier-free transportation, ADA-compliant hotels, and close proximity (and easy access) to the things we want to see and do.

Over the years I’ve learned a great deal about wheelchair-friendly travel destinations. The most important thing I’ve learned is that if you do your research and plan ahead, it’s not that hard to have a great vacation that includes lots of fun activities and meets the needs of wheelchair users!


A luggage cart is a good substitute when you can’t find a wheelchair (especially in foreign countries!).

Drawing on my own experience and research, I’ve put together this series of posts on wheelchair-friendly travel destinations in the U.S. Whether you’re planning to travel with aging parents who use wheelchairs or thinking about a trip with another wheelchair user, I hope that this information will jump-start your own research and give you some ideas of what to look for. Just remember that even if a destination claims to cater to people with disabilities, you should still always call ahead to check (and call again to double-check shortly before you arrive) to be sure that you have the arrangements you need.

Tune in tomorrow to learn about the first wheelchair-friendly destination on my list! You’ll definitely be “blown away” by this city!