As mom has aged, I’ve noticed she’s become more paranoid about leaving her “valuables” unlocked in a hotel room.  Now, I’m definitely one for locking up our passports, but mom stuffs the room safe to the gills with her jewelry (costume and real), purse, lipsticks, snacks, souvenirs, reading material and pretty much whatever else she can fit in there.

Liz Kressel, a reader in NYC, forwarded this to me; unknowingly solving an issue when I’m on the road with mom!  It’s a “little black dress” safe!

Little black dress hanging safe

Little black dress hanging safe! (

It basically blends in with all the other clothing hanging in the closet; HOWEVER, it has 21 secret pockets to store stuff!  How FANTASTIC is this?!?!

I’m hopeful that between the room safe and little black dress safe I’ll be able to hide all of mom’s goodies (and possibly even a few of my own!)!