My sister-in-law Memory and nieces after arriving in Australia February 2013.

After a long haul, who hasn’t passed out for a few hours in some ridiculous neck-compromising position?  Or worse yet, who hasn’t suffered from a head-bobbing neck injury while fighting the urge to fall asleep during a flight?

woman sleeping on plane

As crazy as this contraption looks, perhaps the J-pillow is the answer:


Zebra J pillow

The J-Pillow in zebra print available on for $29.95.

The J-pillow was designed by a flight attendant and won the British Invention of the Year in 2012/2013.  Rest your head on the top part of the J while propping it against your shoulder.  The hook of the “J” fits under your chin and hinders your neck from drooping (and thus snapping awake!).

Hmmmmm, perhaps worth the stares from fellow passengers as you carry this rascal on a plane?!?!  Let me know if anyone has used one of these.  Would love to hear some feedback before making a purchase.

And if you’ve not seen this video of a woman falling asleep in a guy’s lap next to her on a plane, it’s WELL worth checking out for a chuckle!  Definitely makes the J-pillow even more appealing (if nothing else, so I don’t end up in a YouTube video!).