When I was growing up, Mom and I used to hit the gym together and were actually pretty good at encouraging each other when our enthusiasm started to wane. Unfortunately, as she’s gotten older (and I’ve moved out of Indiana), Mom’s motivation to exercise has pretty much evaporated.

This is a cause for some concern, because my brother and I want to take Mom on our travels around the world for years to come. Mom sits for long periods of time, though, and from numerous studies (and our own intuition) we know that lack of exercise can be damaging to a person’s health. But getting her moving again is proving to be a challenge.

That’s why I’m so excited to have found the ChairMaster! It’s a reclining chair that can make a real difference in Mom’s life simply by turning some of her sitting time into exercise. It’s a new way for her to improve her fitness—and she can still watch Dr. Phil at the same time.

Chairmaster #1

The ChairMaster has a built-in bike and detachable resistance bands that let Mom do over 50 different exercises designed to improve strength and flexibility. Even better? It folds out of sight when she’s not using it.

This is perfect for Mom—and maybe for your aging parent, too!

I’m thrilled to announce that Cascade Health and Fitness, the manufacturers of the ChairMaster, are donating a chair (valued at $895) as a giveaway to Travel with Aging Parents readers! Woo hoo!

Click on the link below to enter the ChairMaster Giveaway through Facebook or Twitter, or by using your e-mail address (one entry per each method). You can also get one additional entry each day by tweeting about the contest!

Entries are accepted until midnight on Tuesday, June 3rd. We’ll draw a winner on Wednesday, June 4th.

(Can’t wait to get a chair? Cascade Health is offering a $50 discount for TWAP readers. Use discount code TRAVEL when checking out or call (855) 402-4062 extension 105.)
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