Elephant kisses, petting tigers and fish spa-ing in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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This was definitely Mom’s favorite day in Chiang Mai (actually it was her favorite day in the two weeks we were on vacation!). Our first stop was Maesa… Read More »

Three Great Temples to Visit in Chiang Mai Thailand

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After a week with my brother, his wife, their 26-month old twins, and a live-in nanny, the walls started closing in on their “smallish” (for 7 anyway) Shanghai… Read More »

Happy Chinese New Year!!

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2014 is going to get even better for me tomorrow as the Year of the Horse (my Chinese astrological sign) officially begins. Per the Chinese calendar, the 1st… Read More »

Reader Question: Thailand or Indonesia?

In Asia-Pacific Travel Locations, Reader Questions On January 29, 2014 4 Comments

Kim Cochenour posed the following question on Facebook: “Have you been to Thailand or Indonesia? Are there sites to see you would recommend or specifics we should know… Read More »

Mom and her 26-mo old grandkids

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Mom’s trip to China is made!!!! This is what makes travel with aging parents worthwhile!

Best Dining Experience EVER: Ultraviolet by Chef Paul Pairet

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Always a good way to start vacation – Mom and I made it to Shanghai Friday night with no issues!  An even better way to start vacation though… Read More »

We’re OFF to China!

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Mom and I are off to China today! WOO HOO! 14 hr flight from NY’s JFK airport to Tokyo-Narita, Japan followed by a 4 hour flight to Shanghai,… Read More »

China/Thailand Travel Prep

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I’m excited to announce that Mom and I are about to embark on another big trip together: on January 23 we travel to Asia for just over two… Read More »

Summer Flashback!!!

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Gonna be a lloonngg winter folks (when it finally arrives next week!!).  I’m currently in LA but heading back tomorrow night to NYC.  Hopefully I’m late enough that… Read More »

Hidden Gem in Southeast Asia: Malaysia

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Mom and I have visited my brother yearly since he relocated to China in the spring of 2006. We typically like to combine our family visit with exploring… Read More »