China Trip Notes (Oct ’13): 5 Things to do in Shanghai

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Ask anyone who has either traveled to New York City or is planning to travel there and I’m guessing they can rattle off 10 “must-see” sites instantaneously.  For… Read More »

How to Keep Moving Even When You’re Strapped into an Airplane Seat

In Health/Medical/Safety Concerns On October 4, 2013 2 Comments

Long plane rides can be fun. The movies, the snacks, the interesting seatmates . . . you never know what might happen! But flights can also have downsides—particularly when… Read More »

GUEST POST – Traveling with Dad and his Dementia

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For anyone whose parent is suffering from dementia, Jeannette’s stories of traveling with her dad are quite inspirational!  It made me feel “lucky” as I’ve only had to face… Read More »

Mom’s preparations for Russia…..

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I was catching mom up on the Russia trip plans when she ran downstairs (ok, she didn’t run, but she is quite fast with that cane) and came… Read More »

Traveling with Oxygen on an Airplane

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Richard Hine, a blog reader living in NYC, asks this question: “Can my mother, who requires oxygen full-time, travel on an airplane?” I’m delighted to report that yes,… Read More »

The Countdown: 14 Critical Trip Preparation Tasks for Traveling with an Aging Parent

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4–6 weeks before the trip 1. Take your parent for a medical checkup and review the trip and any special considerations with his or her doctor. (Note that… Read More »

GUEST POST: Traveling with Grandma

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Christine Wilson is a wife, mom of two young boys, and the Founder & CEO of MtoM Consulting, LLC. She and I have enjoyed working together to launch… Read More »

Top 11 Considerations when Selecting a Vacation Destination with Aging Parents

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In travel, as in real estate, it’s all about the location. Involving your parent in selecting a location sets the perfect tone for your upcoming adventure: together you’ll… Read More »

Why I Decided to Launch This Blog

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Welcome to the launch of On the Road Again: Traveling with Aging Parents! Another travel blog? Really? Yes, and here is why I was compelled to create this… Read More »