Activities the Whole Family can Do Together

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Planning activities the whole family can do together while on vacation is no easy task. Heck, even Mom and I don’t always agree about what we want to… Read More »

travel journal

Documenting the vacation for your parent: Journeys, Journals and Journaling

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The other day, I ran into some friends that had just returned from touring Ireland and Scotland. I asked “What did you see while you were there?” They… Read More »

Endless Possibility just Beyond the Runway

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Mmmmm…..what IS it about the rumble of a Boeing 777 lurching down the runway that screams possibility to me? My heart pounds like a jackhammer. My skin tingles… Read More »

Hugs for Dad

Hugs for Dad from Travel with Aging Parents

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  Father’s Day is actually rather hard for me as it reminds me of how much I miss my own Dad. It will be 10 years this August… Read More »

AARP – United Nations Briefing Series on Global Aging

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I had the pleasure of attending a series of briefings on global aging hosted by AARP International, in cooperation with the office of the UN Focal Point on… Read More »

If I Had My Life To Live Over by Nadine Stair

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There have been many versions, but I love this one from Nadine Stair. Interestingly, it was first published in  Reader’s Digest in October 1953, where it was wrongly… Read More »

REVIEW: Circus Now – International Contemporary Circus Exposure

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Who amongst us hasn’t wanted to run away and join the circus at one point or another? Heck, it’s been a tough week, so chucking it all in… Read More »

Twas the Month After Christmas….

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Egads twas the month after Christmas — what was I thinking all December long?!?!?   Twas the month after Christmas and all through the house Nothing would fit… Read More »

Our Opportunity to Begin Anew

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That’s the great thing about life – every day/week/month/year is an opportunity to begin anew. To do something different. To be better. Welcome to Day 1 of the… Read More »

I hope your Christmas was AWESOME!

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No matter what you celebrate, I hope you had an awesome day today!!!  It was pure chaos in the Grubb household as it was the twins first Christmas…. Read More »