Exercise Advice from Maxine

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Maxine definitely needs a ChairMaster!  Have you registered for the giveaway yet?!?!  Don’t miss out – the drawing takes place on Wednesday, June 4th!      

Happy Mother’s Day to All!!!

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It’s an honor and a joy to spend today with my mom as I know so many of you no longer have this privilege. I will hold my… Read More »

Peeps on Vacation in Manhattan

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For the Easter weekend, Peeps stormed Manhattan for a little vacation frivolity!!!  The Peeps were quite busy on this holiday weekend:              … Read More »

Quirky Travel Habits

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Habits, hangups, quirks, superstitions, rituals—they’re known by many names, and when it comes to travel, everyone has them. Some people bring good-luck charms on airplanes, for example. Some… Read More »

I would say he’s ready for a vacation….

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  I don’t know about you, but I think this winter has been brutal.  I know I’m ready for a vacation on the beach just like this guy:… Read More »

Gnomes on Spring Break

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When I visited Mom in Indiana last week, we had a blast at one of the strangest—yet most fun—exhibits we’ve ever seen: “Gnome Away from Home,” at the… Read More »

A little giggle – getting through airport security

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Story of my life every time I go through security at LAX (including my trip two weeks ago!).  I wanted to knock the dude in front of me out… Read More »

The next item airlines are going to start charging passengers for…..

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HA, HA, HA!!

Who’s cooler: Lawrence of Arabia or Val Grubb riding a camel?!?!?

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In honor of the Academy Awards ceremony this evening, I thought it appropriate to reference an Oscar winner in today’s post!  Peter O’Toole won Best Actor as Lawrence… Read More »

Friday Funny – Travel App that compares Travel Apps

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  I’ve got this travel app on my phone….