Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum

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I love going to museums around the world. In fact, Mom and I try to visit at least one museum in every city we visit (both in the… Read More »

Coffee, oh coffee…..

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Coffee, oh coffee, how I love thee……

Games to Play on a Rainy Day

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Last weekend, five of the eight members of my Book Club trekked from NYC to Beach Haven, Long Beach Island (LBI) for a girls’ weekend away. This was… Read More »

Why Mom Likes to Travel with Me (VIDEO)

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  NOT quite the heartfelt answer I was looking for when I asked why Mom likes to travel with me!     Because I make all the arrangements…….. Read More »

Great travel advice when stranded on a deserted island…..

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Travel gone awry……or did it?!?!?! Little spicy but can’t pass up good travel advice when stranded on a deserted island! 🙂  

14 of the Funniest Travel Quotes

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At times, there can be little to laugh about when it comes to travel. However, to prove that theory wrong, I’ve compiled 14 of my favorite travel funnies… Read More »

Harley Davidson - Live to Ride Ride to Live - at any age!

The Grubb Family – Born to Ride Harleys (at 84 and 2 1/2)

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Mom was obviously excited to see my brother and his family this weekend. However, I know she was also thrilled about riding with Eric on the back of… Read More »

Nothing says “let’s celebrate America” like drinking beer and playing with explosives! Happy 4th of July!

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Just add brats and we’ve got a PARTY! Happy 4th of July!    

Disney: A People Trap set by a Mouse

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Bah hah hah – how TRUE is this?!?!   I haven’t been to Disney in gosh, almost 20 years and I have one question: WHEN DID DISNEY GET… Read More »

Off to Disney to Work!

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I’ve had the privilege of speaking at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) annual conference since 2005. For the first time since I’ve been presenting, it’s in… Read More »