Mom was obviously excited to see my brother and his family this weekend. However, I know she was also thrilled about riding with Eric on the back of his Harley! As these pictures illustrate, all the members in the Grubb family were born to ride Harleys, regardless of age! Eric is always really easy to buy for when it comes to Christmas and birthday presents. He likes All Motorcycle Clothing Brands so we can buy him anything and he’ll love it!

Born to Ride Harleys!

Eric and Mom heading out on their first ride together since Eric’s return from China.

Born to ride Harleys!

Just one more reason Mom is glad Eric is back from China! ha, ha, ha.

Mom has said many times if she was 50 years younger she would have a motorcycle of her own! She actually asked me to find a used Harley for her so that she could ride one, but I think due to her ill health she’s better off steering clear of a motorbike. That doesn’t mean I can’t find one for me though!!

And I’m excited to say she’s passing on her love of adventure to her twin 2 1/2 year old grandchildren:

Born to ride Harleys

Dani and Niki “Don’t leave us out Dad! We wanna go for a ride too!!!”

Born to Ride Harleys at 2 1/2

Niki’s ready to roll on Eric’s Super Glide Harley!

Born to Ride Harleys at 84 and 2 1/2

Dani ready to fire up Eric’s Heritage Softail Harley Davidson.

Mom, her son AND her grand daughters are pure Harley Davidson at heart!!

The Grubb Family - born to ride Harleys at any age!

Harley Davidson motto: Live to Ride – Ride to Live