I know, I know, how many times have you heard that Alaska is a “great” place to do a cruise? And yet, for some reason, it just never appealed to me. I always pictured myself doing an Alaskan cruise when I got “older.” But boy, was I wrong! It was an experience of a lifetime and I would definitely encourage you to look at this cruise agency guide on cruising in Alaska if you’re even a little bit interested. Let me just say, it was beyond my wildest expectations and I can hardly wait to 1) do a cruise there again and 2) travel Alaska beyond a ship.

At the time (August 2011), my mom was 81 and my sister-in-law was five months pregnant with twins. Thus we needed a vacation option that allowed for a wide range of interests and physical abilities. Alas, an Alaskan cruise was the PERFECT combination of stunning scenery, activities from casual to quite strenuous, great food and easy access to get around with a cane (or twins)! I would highly recommend checking it out! Here are a few pictures to peak your interest:

Glacier Bay National Park

STUNNING views in Glacier Bay National Park from our balcony.

Things to do in Juneau Alaska

Juneau Icefield with Coastal Helicopters


Mom and our guide kayaking in Sitka, Alaska. That’s our ship peeking around the corner of the island!


Hunting for bears in Ketchikan, Alaska


And YES! We came across a bear!


Alas, bear hunting took it out of mom!