A dear friend was in town a week or so ago and we had a lovely dinner on the roof of the building of a mutual friend. Al fresco dining in NYC is quite the luxury – I know maybe three people who have access to their roof (and only one who would step foot up there as most, including mine, are nasty business).

It was a lovely evening and we had a spectacular sunset as a backdrop:

al fresco dining in NYC

Sunset over New Jersey – who know Newark could look so good?!?!

al fresco dining in NYC

It wouldn’t be the NYC skyline without a crane or two (and a water tower).


The lights on the neighboring building added to the charm:

al fresco dining in NYC

We could just see the spire of the Chrysler Building peeking over another roof while the New Yorker building glared brightly.


As did the water towers above us:

al fresco dining in NYCal fresco dining in NYC











Although it is a little freaky looking when you look up from the table and all you see is a water tower!  You certainly hope those rascals are secure!

al fresco dining in NYC

Here’s to eeking out a few more al fresco dining experiences wherever you are in the world!!