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Mom answers “when I was your age”

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In a video posted earlier this week, Mom answered Zailyn Prada’s question “Is this what you expected in your Golden Years?” Mom went on to say “when I… Read More »


GUEST POST: It’s Not Too Late! 5 Places to Visit this Fall

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If you’re yearning for a last-minute trip before things get cold, April Alovera has compiled 5 places to visit this fall! April is an online publisher for The… Read More »

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Assessing your Parent’s Physical Capabilities from Afar

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Many of us don’t live in the same town where our parents are located so trying to assess your parent’s physical capabilities from afar can be a bit… Read More »

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Mom answers “Is this how you pictured your Golden Years?”

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Several followers submitted questions for Mom on our Travel with Aging Parents Facebook page. It’s been fun rolling these out over the past couple of weeks. The latest… Read More »

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Happy Birthday Daddy

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My Dad would’ve been 84 today. He was a great man and a wonderful father. He taught me I could do anything and be anything if I just… Read More »

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READER QUESTION: Traveling with a Parent on Dialysis

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Veronica Purcell asked the question: I’m traveling with my mom and she’s on dialysis and in a wheelchair. Where do I start planning? Although this may sound daunting… Read More »

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Latest Travel Gadget for Women: the “Pee Pocket”

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  Where was the Pee Pocket during our 8 or 9 trips to China?  Alas, my knees just do not allow for sustained squatting (and certainly not with… Read More »


Traveling with a Parent who has Dementia – Part 2

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In Part 1 of traveling with a parent who has dementia, I laid the ground work on what to expect while traveling and defining expectations from family members…. Read More »


Traveling with a Parent who has Dementia – Part 1

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According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 million people are currently living with this debilitating disease and the number is estimated to triple by 2050. Thank goodness… Read More »


Mom answers “Do you get bored?”

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  I received several questions from our Travel with Aging Parents Facebook followers to ask Mom next time I was home.  In Thursday’s post, Mom answers MaryAnn Baca’s… Read More »